Creating a Beer Menu

Creating your Beer Menu

You'll start by creating and naming your menu. Some menu names might be, “What’s on Draft,” “Seasonal Selections,” or “Mix-a-Six" Menu.

Within a menu, you can add sections to help organize your menu. You can organize by style, brewery, flavor profile, region - get as creative as you'd like! 

Adding Beers:

The next step will be adding your beers to your menu. When searching for beers, you’ll harness the power of Untappd’s Database. You can add any beer that has been checked in on Untappd. Start searching by name or brewery.

Once you've found your beers, adjust the container size and price. If you've got something in bottles and on draft, add both! If you ever have difficulty finding a beer, chat with us or email us at and let us know. We can get it added for you. 

You can also adjust information on the menus. You could include your own tasting notes if you'd like. Note: This will affect your internal menus only (Print Menus, Digital Boards, Website and Facebook Menus) This will not affect the beer on Untappd.

You'll also be able to organize your sections when you've added a few beers. You can manually drag your beers, or use the "Sort Beer List" drop down to automatically sort your list. 

Pro Tip: Update your menu daily, or weekly! We've seen great success when "Update Untappd Beer Menu" is added to opening shift duties. Update often to engage your followers!

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