Announcements and Linking Social Media

Keep your customers updated about your latest and greatest beers! Connect to Facebook and Twitter to post fast and easy updates.

Connecting your Accounts: 

You'll need to link your Social Media so you can easily share your menus with your followers. You'll do that by going in to the Social Media Connection section under settings. 


You’ll need to authorize the app to use your business Twitter account. Make sure you're logged in to the account you want to link! 


You’ll need to sign up with your personal Facebook, then affiliate your business page with Untappd for Business. Don’t worry, nothing will post to your personal page.

If there are no Facebook business pages associated with your personal account, you will be prompted to create one. Otherwise, click 'Okay' to allow permissions!


Announcements let you share specials, events and important information with your customers. You can utilize this tool in a variety of ways: You can post to social media as well as including the announcement on the top of your website and Facebook menus as well!

        Now: This is for one-time announcements. “We’re closed for the holiday” or “Just received a special delivery!”
        Once: These are scheduled announcements: “This Friday only, live music by Taylor Swift!”

        Weekly: These are recurring announcements: Happy Hour Specials, ½ price drafts, or Trivia Night.

You can also share an automatically generated post when you add new beers to your menu!

You'll then see a "new" banner across the most recent additions to your menu on Untappd.

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