My Digital Board isn't displaying properly! What should I do?

There are a few things you can check to fix your digital board display.

Make sure your Chromebit is up to date!

To do this, select the three dots in the top right and choose “Help” and then “About Google Chrome”

Next you'll see your Chrome version, and you can check for and apply updates:

Adjust the Display Size

If your menu looks off-centered or pixelated on the TV screen, try adjusting your display settings or increasing the resolution to better fit your TV.

Select the three dots in the top right and choose “Settings” – if you do not see this, you can also select the time in the bottom right of your screen and choose the gear icon.

Click on Settings in the top left, and then click Device 

Select Displays

Select Overscan. Use the arrow keys on keyboard to adjust the alignment settings so that the grey triangles line up with the edge of your screen.

If this doesn't fix your issue, email us at or call us at 910-292-4336 and we'd be happy to troubleshoot with you!

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