Local Badge Approval - Do's and Don'ts

Badge Name:

  • Badge Name should have correct punctuation, spelling and capitalization.  

    • Example: “Cheers to you!”. The You to should be capitalized. 

  • Badge Names should be unique and not mirror any core badges. 

    • A core badge is a badge displayed in the app, under Beer or Venue.

  • Badge Names should not include profanity, racial slurs, or offensive text.

    • Do we really need to explain this one?

  • Badge Names don't have to be just the name of the venue. Celebrate your unique identity! 

    • Be creative as possible, encourage people to earn your badge and be proud of it!

  • Badge name should be short, and not over 50 characters. 

    • If the badge name is too long, then the person will not be able to share it on Twitter.

Badge Descriptions:

  • Badge Descriptions should be no more than 300 characters. 

    • Keep it short and sweet - you don't want people to scroll through multiple paragraphs

  • Badge Descriptions should not include any links.

    • You'll want to avoid routing people away from checking in more beers.

  • They should not include profanity, racial slurs, or offensive text.

    • Obviously. 

  • Badge Descriptions should be at least 50 characters.

    • Thank them for their  patronage and encourage them to return!

  • Badge Description should not tell the user how to unlock the badge

    • The description is only shown to the user after they unlock

  • Badge Descriptions cannot support “new-line” or “line-breaks

Badge Images:

  • All badges need to be within the maroon badge template
    • This color is consistent across all badges and should not be changed
  • Badge images should not include profanity, racial slurs, offensive text, or pornographic material.

    • Keep it clean! 

  • Badge images should not include photographs of people

    • This won't translate well in a badge

  • They should not be images of memes

    • Sorry, Grumpy Cat

  • All badge artwork must be owned by the client, cannot use any trademarked images that don’t own.
    • Don't steal. Stealing is bad. 

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