Creating a Food/Wine/Cocktail or Custom Item Menu

You can create non-beer menus on Untappd for Business. You'll be able to print these menus, display them on your Digital Boards, publish them on your website, and on your Facebook page! Get creative - customers use this to display merchandise, food, wine, and cocktails.

Note: These menus will not publish to Untappd, as it is exclusively for Beer. To learn more about what displays on Untappd, check out this article

To create a Custom Menu, name your menu and create sections. You can add Custom Items and fill in the fields. Since these menus don't pull information from Untappd's Database; you have more flexibility! 

Once you're done, you can organize your list by dragging your custom items, or using the "Sort Items" dropdown to automatically organize your list!

Once you're done, publish the menu so that your customers can check it out on your Print Menus, Digital Boards, Facebook and website! 

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