What are Digital Menu Boards and How Do I get One?

Untappd for Business offers clean and customizable digital beer lists to display on TVs at your venue!

We've combined Chromebit technology with Untappd's business software to offer seamless updates across on-site digital boards, your website, Facebook and your Untappd Verified Venue page. Along with displaying your beer selection, your Digital Board allows you to display real-time Untappd check-ins, upcoming events, important announcements and your beer list.

Your beer selection is your venue's unique signature. The customization dashboard offers 15 adjustable templates to meet the needs of any menu.

We're offering this feature without added subscription or annual fees. The Digital Board Kit is a one time purchase and the equipment is yours. The $129 investment includes an ASUS Chrombit, a wireless keyboard with trackpad, and a swivel adapter for those tough to reach HDMI ports.
To purchase this kit simply go to "Customize menus" on the left hand side (under Beer Menus) and then click on the "Digital Board" tab. From there you'll be able to purchase to necessary number of kits.

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