Print Your Menus

To print out your menus, click "Print Menu" under the Customize Menu Display section. 

Click to add a new menu. You'll name your menu template and select which menus you'd like to customize. You can always come back and edit this by clicking on the template settings once you've created it. You can now create as many templates as you'd like! 

Next, click "Design" on the template you'd like to customize!

You'll now be able to browse our twelve new template themes. 

Pick the one that works best for your business, and then click on the "Design" Tab to further customize the template.

You'll see you have a ton of control - you can toggle on and off every single aspect of your menu so that all the information you want to display will be visible on every theme.

You'll be able to adjust colors and fonts to fit in with your business branding and make the menu your own. 

You'll also be able to modify your headers and footers.

You'll also be able to adjust your font size to ensure that your menu fits on the proper amount of pages. The full preview will be visible, so you can see what your complete menu looks like. 

Once you're happy, you can save and download the menu as a PDF! If you have any questions - please let us know! Shoot us a chat, email us at 

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