Promotions - Festival Best Practices

Your festival is coming up - how can you best utilize Untappd to promote your event?

Send your custom text to! 

  • Make sure to get the full value out of your promo by sending over your festival info ASAP!

Publish a menu (even if you don't have a complete list of beers).

  • You can up anticipation by giving your customers a taste of what's available! 
  • Plus, as you add beers, your subscribers will receive notifications about the new additions to the menus. 

Create an event 

  • This will be visible to anyone visiting your venue page
  • It will also display in the "Nearby Events" section on the app! 

Notify subscribers with a countdown! 

  • Once you've generated some subscribers, use the events tool to create a countdown the the event. You'll send out a notification to your followers to generate some excitement for your event!

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