User Permissions

As the Primary User of your Untappd for Business account, you can control what aspects of the product users on your account can access. 

To do this, you'll go in to the Manage Users tab and select which user you'd like to edit.

Click Edit Permissions,  and then you'll be able to toggle on and off which aspects of the product you'd like your user to control. 

Complete List of Permissions

  • Can Manage Members (Includes inviting / removing users, setting user permissions)
  • Can create a menu
  • Can delete a menu
  • Can create a custom menu
  • Can delete a custom menu
  • Can create an event
  • Can list menu announcements
  • Can list social announcements
  • Can list business analytics
  • Can list venue analytics
  • Can list nearby analytics
  • Can list print themes
  • Can list digital boards
  • Can list website themes
  • Can list facebook themes
  • Can show location information
  • Can show location details
  • Can list hours
  • Can list invoices
  • Can list social media connections
  • Can update a menu name
  • Can update a section name
  • Can add and remove beers
  • Can add and remove sections
  • Can edit beer info

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