Breweries - How do I manage my beers on Untappd?

The purpose of this article is to provide instructions for use of the Beer Management functionality on Untappd for breweries. Beer Management is NOT an option on your Untappd for Business account (venue page), but only on your 'brewery page' on Untappd.

Once you have claimed your brewery page on Untappd or have been added as a ‘manager,’ you will have access to the Beer Management tool from the dropdown.

If you have yet to claim your brewery page, refer to this article:

If your brewery page is already claimed but you need access, please contact

Here, you will see a list of your brewery’s beers that have already been added to the Untappd database. These will automatically display in alphabetical order (Name A-Z).

If you need to add a new beer that is not yet in the database, hit ‘ADD BEER’ in the top left corner and add it’s details.

Next to each of your beers, you will see the option to ‘EDIT,’ ‘MERGE,’ and ‘DELETE.’

Once you click ‘EDIT,’ you will be able to update the beer details if necessary. Here you can add and edit the ABV, IBU, beer label, description and other information. What is shown here will reflect across all of Untappd and your Untappd for Business venue page menu!

If you find any duplicate beer listings, you will use the ‘MERGE’ tool. Type the duplicate name in the search box, check the box next to the beer, and move it over to the right-hand column. Once the duplicates are listed under ‘Merge List,’ hit ‘CREATE MERGE LIST.’

Select the beer you’d like to use as the master and write a brief reason for the merge before you 'SUBMIT MERGE LIST.' Once submitted, your merge will be sent to one of our Admins for approval. While the merge is pending, the beer will still be searchable and check-ins are still allowed. Your merge will be approved within 24-48 hours!

You will see the option to ‘DELETE’ your beers, but this is not supported on Untappd. Please refer to this article:

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