Bulk Upload Submission Guidelines

We're happy to upload your beer and custom food/wine/cocktail menus to your Untappd account for you.  This service is free of charge, and we have an in-house team dedicated to menus to ensure your success on the platform. Please make note of the following requirements. You can submit by uploading a file in the "Bulk Upload" tab in Untappd for business, or by emailing menus@untappd.com.

Standard Bulk Upload

The document you provide must be copy and paste compatible

We can upload beer menus and custom food, wine and cocktail menus

We accept almost all text based file types*

*Please note – if you use a paid service, like Photoshop or Illustrator, we may not be able to open the file. Exporting to an open source file type like a .pdf or .csv is preferred. The Bulk Upload Team will reach out if they have any difficulty opening your file. 

We do not accept image files or photography

We do not accept handwritten menus

There is no limit to number of items, but we recommend keeping your menus under 1,000 items.

Menu Upload Timeline

1-500 items                   1-2 Business Days

501-1000 items             2-3 Business Days

1000+ items                  4-5 Business Days

2000+ items                  6–10 Business Days

3000+ - items                Custom timeline will be provided

Website Menu Upload
We can upload your menu from your website, as long as the site is copy and paste compatible. However, time frame may be extended for website uploads as formatting varies across sites.

Event Upload

Send us a copy and paste document or a link to your Facebook page and we will upload events to your account for you. Typical turnaround time is 1-2 Business Days.

Resubmission/Multiple Menu Submission Guidelines

If you plan to submit your menu more than once, in order to get the quickest turnaround time, let us know which items should be added and removed. If you resubmit a full menu, time frame will be determined as if your submission is a brand new menu.
We do our very best to maintain these SLAs. Please understand that sometimes, timelines are subject to change. If your timeline has been extended, we’ll be sure to send you an email with an updated time frame. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at business@untappd.com.

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