My Ad Slides aren't displaying, what do I do?

Take these steps if you've uploaded ad slides to your digital board and are seeing them on the preview in the customizer but not on your actual digital board:

  • Refresh the browser on your TV 
  • If your ad slides are not displaying on your digital board, you most likely have an ad blocker installed.  You can check this by looking through your extensions.  To find those, click the three dots in the top right, then choose “More Tools and finally, Extensions. You will need to disable or remove that ad blocker. 
  • If your ad slides aren’t displaying on your web browser while customizing, you can check for an ad blocker and be sure that you are using Google Chrome as our digital boards are built and optimized for that browser.
  • Make sure that you have the option to display ad slides activated in your digital board customizer:

If these steps do not resolve the issue send Customer Support an email at

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