FAQ - I'm an Online Retailer, how is my account different from brick and mortar venues?

Accounts for Online Retailers on Untappd for Business differ since the venue is not limited to a specific location. You'll find the key differences listed below! 

  • Address will be hidden
  • Venue will not show up in the in-app map, in Nearby Venues or Trending Locations since it is not tied to an actual address
  • Events added will not show up in Nearby Events but when created, will send the same push notification to subscribers
  • Beers will not show up in Nearby Beers or when someone clicks "Find it" on a beer's Untappd page
  • Promo will include custom text (up to 250 characters) 
  • Venues can purchase a Local Badge and users can level up by tagging the venue as the 'Purchased At' location!
  • Venues can toast and comment on both regular and 'Purchased At' check-ins

Email business@untappd.com with any additional questions! 

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