Menu Reordering and Container Size Organization

Managing the order of your menus- 

When creating menus on Untappd for Business the organization and ordering of your menus will be the same organization and ordering that the users see on the Untappd app. 

If there is a specific order that you want your menus to be seen by the users you can edit this order by logging into your Untappd for Business account and selecting the “Change Order” option located on the left of screen, next to the "Published" heading. 

From there, you will click and hold on the icon with three lines located next to the name of the menu to drag and move the order of the menus. You will then select the done option. 

As you see below, the order of these menus is the same order that users see on your venue page, with Kyle's drastic draft list being the first menu that users see. 

Managing the order of your container sizes- 

You can also manage the order that the container sizes appear on the app. To edit the order of the container sizes, select the menu and section of that menu that you would like to edit. 

Next you will select the beer you would like to edit. You will see the container sizes you have selected at the top right of your screen. You can click and hold on the icon with three lines next to the container sizes to drag and move the container sizes into the correct order.  

As you can see below the Untappd user app displays the same order of container sizes that was set up above. 

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