My Digital Board isn't updating when I add new beers!

If you are experiencing issues with your digital board not updating or showing old info you may have an issue with the cache and cookies on your Google Chrome browser. 

This article is designed to provide detailed instructions on downloading the Clear Cache Google Chrome extension. This extension, once installed, will automatically clear the cache and cookies on your browser. 

First, you will search in your Google Chrome search bar for “clear cache chrome extension”

From here, select the option that will be labeled Clear Cache - Chrome Web Store  

Next, select the blue “ADD TO CHROME” option

You will then be asked if you would like to add this extension. Click the “Add Extension” option.

From here, a green screen will appear with some options that you will be able to choose from. 

You will need to select the option at the top labeled “Automatically reload active tab after clearing data” 

You will also need to select the “Cache” and “Cookies” options under the "Data to Remove” heading.  

You will then scroll down and select the “Last Hour” option under the “Time Period” heading.  

You can now exit out of this screen and the extension will be fully set up. 

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