FAQ - FDA Calorie Mandate

As of May 7th, 2018, new Food and Drug Administration regulations require that certain venues provide nutritional information for certain items that they serve.

While Untappd for Business customers are solely responsible for adhering to the new FDA regulations, we’ve made some changes to Untappd for Business to make compliance easier.

Print Menus and Digital Boards:

You can now choose to show Container Calories on default Print Menu and Digital Board templates.

Any Custom Print Menus and Digital Board Templates may require modification to show Container Calories properly.

Item Calories:

We have begun sourcing our Item Calories via brewers and Untappd Super Users.

When we don’t have exact calorie data for a 12oz serving of an item, we use the following formula to estimate Item Calories:

You can manually override Item Calories in the Menu Builder, and the value you enter will be used to calculate Container Calories.

Container Calories:

Containers now have a Container Calories field.

When a container has an ounce value, we use the following formula to calculate the calories for that container. 

Note: We use a value of 12 ounces for all Item Size values.

Container Calories up to and including 50 are rounded to the nearest 5 calories. Container Calories above 50 are rounded the nearest 10 calories.

You can override Container Calories in the Menu Builder. If you later decide to use the automated calculation, simply clear the value that you’ve entered, and it will recalculate.

Container Sizes:

All container sizes are converted to US Fluid Ounces

Some containers are not associated with a size, as the container is not standardized, i.e. Mug, Boot, Beer Tower, etc. In these cases, Container Calories can be entered manually via the Menu Builder, if desired.

New containers are given a size in ounces when added to our database, possible.

Food, Wine, and Cocktail Menus:

You can manually enter calories for items in Food, Wine, and Cocktail menus.

For more information, see the FDA Menu Labeling Requirements

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