How do I add a new beer to my Untappd for Business menu?

You can now add brand new beers to the Untappd database directly from your Untappd for Business account!

IMPORTANT: Before adding a new beer, please review the Untappd Beverage Guidelines and Naming Standards. Unsupported beverages will be flagged and removed.

Step by Step Guide: How to Add New Beers from Untappd for Business

1. Search for the beer by typing in the brewery name + the beer name in the search box on your menu builder.

2. If you see no results or incorrect results, click "Don't see the beer you're looking? Add it here."

NOTE: Be sure to double check your spelling, the beer name and brewery name to ensure you are not adding a duplicate entry!

3. Read the Beer Creation Guidelines to ensure you are not adding an unsupported beverage.

4. Add the required fields: Beer Name*, Brewery Name* and Style*.  Add ABV, IBU and a description if available.

(NOTE: The brewery must already exist in the Untappd database to add a beer. If the brewery is not available by the search, contact

5. When you are done entering in the beer's information, click 'Add.'

The beer has now been added to your menu and to the Untappd database! 

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